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Marc Clapasson [GapBridge Founder] Had Illegally Obtain Access

Posted on 05/19/2022

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Location: Stockholm, Sweden, Europe

Marc Clapasson hired some private hacker to defame his ex wife and his family. Marc haired private hacker to defame and harass his ex wife Miriam Herweijer. Marc tempered with her emails once got access to derail her family from taking legal action against Jon Turnes & Marc Clapasson.

As per close friend of Miriam Herweijer, Marc used to physical and mental harass her for going against him. He hated the fact that his wife chose her family over him. Miriam’s father and brother were legally taking action against Marc Clapasson & Jon Turnes regarding RuverCap Investment fraud[Marc & Jon both defrauded RuverCap investors of millions].

Marc had used every evil method at getting back to Miriam and her family. Once he illegally accessed Miriam’s emails he then tempered many documents to favour/cloud his action and began threatening her. She wanted divorce from such abusive husband but he was not ready for alimony.

He now claims that her family is behind this offensive force. What a jerk and abusive person Marc Clapasson is ?!

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