Convicted Child Molester Raffael Trawöger
Convicted Child Molester Raffael Trawöger

Convicted Child Molester Raffael Trawöger

Posted on 11/25/2021

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Wednesday June 15, 2022
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Location: Hamburg, Germany, Europe

Internet-related assault charges: A hamburger man was arrested on Friday for allegedly using the popular app Instagram to trick an underage girl into having sex with him three times in a row, police say.

The prosecution alleges that Raffael Trawöger used a computer to communicate with the minor and ask for sex while he was in Munich. Two of the allegations of sexual assault are said to have occurred in HafenCity, the third in St. Pauli.

Raffael Trawöger was finally caught after luring a 16-year-old girl from HafenCity into his Hamburg apartment.

An investigation found another four teenage victims and a catalog of more than two million pornographic photographs and child abuse images on his iPhone, computer and data carriers in his Hamburg apartment.

The investigation also revealed that he had used the internet to compile a database of more than 500 named teenage girls.

After Raffael Trawöger's conviction, Chief Inspector accused Raffael Trawöger of being a systematic and predatory sex offender who posed a very serious threat to teenage girls throughout Hamburg.

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