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NoLimitList.com to Become PostAlmostAnything.com in 2020

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Friday January 31, 2020
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Portland, Oregon, United States

NoLimitList.com will be moved to PostAlmostAnything.com in a few months. That is because PostAlmostAnything.com is a better name than NoLimitList.com. No Limit List was the first name I thought of when I decided to build a site where you can post almost anything. Since then I have struggled to find a better name that is available and I finally found it. When people ask what No Limit List is I have to explain that it is basically a site where you can post almost anything, so it is called No Limit List because there is almost no limit to what you can post and where you can advertise. Any name that requires an explanation sucks.

PostAlmostAnything.com is a great name. It requires no explanation whatsoever. People will see the name and automatically conclude that the site allows you to post almost anything. Then when they see the site where the navigation will permit easy browsing by location or category they won't need to be told that they can post almost anything anywhere in the world.

The design of PostAlmostAnything.com will be more like what you see on the latest prototype where I have been using the latest version of ASP.Net to build a mobile friendly design that supports dynamic geographic subdomains. By that I mean instead of having a URL like https://nolimitlist.com/shopping/clothing/mens-clothing/united-states-12/oregon-257/portland-1910 you will have something like https://portland-or-us.postalmostanything.com/shopping/clothing/mens-clothing. It will also allow for sites based on any combination of country, state, and city. For instance, Portland, Oregon will have its own site at https://portland-or-us.postalmostanything.com.

One of the biggest criticism of No Limit List has been the navigation. That is understandable and as the prototype will soon show that won't be a future problem. I might use the prototype to test social media login integration but like I said a few months ago that could be a bad idea no matter what (https://copblaster.com/blast/1204/why-using-external-logins-with-asp-net-identity-is-a-bad-idea). The only thing I might test on No Limit List first is the gallery feature. This will allow a gallery of images for any post or member profile instead of just the one image. Back when this site was built Facebook did not allow header images, classified ad sites frequently featured listing without images at all, and the web as a whole was less image centric.

I have all the modules I need for a final product now. They are in place on the internet in various places and just need to be merged. In coming months that merger will hopefully be pretty cool. In the meantime anyone posting on this site can rest assured that their work will look much better in the future.

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